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I went for a long walk today. I intended to spend the day being lazy, loafing on the couch while watching tv, reading and internet perusing but when I walked past the weather station and it said 78 degrees with 51% humidity I couldn’t grab my sneakers fast enough. It is always humid here in Brigantine. 85-95% humidity is the norm and since I genuinely hate humidity I wind up spending most of the warmer months cool and comfortable in the climate controlled house. I did not want to miss the chance to get outside and enjoy the day given how rare it is to have those conditions.

I have a few routes that I take. If I am out for a quick walk I have my 2-3 mile route. If I want a longer trek I have my 5-7 mile route and when I want a full on Lewis and Clark expedition I have my 10+ mile route. As I amble down the street I enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers that some homes have and often times I stop and smell them.

I love flowers. The more the better. You can’t ever have too many flowers. I love homes with beds and beds of flowers. I like flowers in all forms – flower boxes, flower gardens, potted flowers, wild flowers, cut arrangements to have around your home. My sister inspired me with her post on flowers which you should check out here: In Full Bloom.

I love going to florists and nurseries. Seeing all those colorful flowers, smelling that mélange of  earth and peat and sweet florals is magic. I love all the tools and gadgets. In a parallel dimension I either owned a flower shop or I was a professional flower garden designer. Could have something to do with my grandparent’s owning an artificial flower manufacturing company of which I got to participate throughout my childhood. In any case, I gathered some photos I’ve taken of flowers to share. Enjoy!

A wall of hydrangea adorning a home in Brigantine, NJ

A Hibiscus showing off to the sun in Brigantine, NJ

California Poppies I saw everywhere traveling around the northern part of the state.

California Poppies find life growing out of rock on the side of a mountain in Sausalito, CA

What I think is a Mullein growing at 10,000 feet above sea level upon Mauna Kea in Hawaii

Shell Ginger Lilies on the big island of Hawaii

Spider Lilly on the big island of Hawaii

Canistrum on the big island of Hawaii

Easter Lilly on the big island of Hawaii

A beautiful arrangement gifted to me to decorate my home for my 40th birthday party

Another beautiful arrangement gifted to me to decorate my home for my 40th birthday party

And still another. Orchids are one of my most enjoyed flowers

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