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I do and I don’t like art. I guess that’s true of just about anything in life. We don’t like ALL the things of something. When it comes to things like art, music and literature the selection is so wide in terms of style and genre that we can both love and hate it. I hope not to upset those who do, but I do not like contemporary or interpretative art. I am a rather black and white thinking person. I am a very linear thinking person. Contemporary and interpretative art just confuses me and I don’t get it. When I was in Houston and I went to the Rothko Chapel and I sat in the octagonal space and I tried, I mean I did try but I could not connect with it.

I like scenes, landscapes, PICTURES. I especially love when it is done with vibrant colors. I love going to the Renaissance or Baroque exhibits at museums where the paintings feature people wearing rich royal purple robes or bright red tunics. Those color pops are what make the painting for me. That’s one of the reasons I love street art and murals as much as I do. They are big, they are bright, they are colorful and they have the added bonus of being free for the world to see simply by walking down the street. I love how murals can turn a boring old brick building into a kaleidoscope of color.

On that note, I will end here and simply share a collection of photos of some of the murals I’ve found through my travels around the USA.


Sombrero Liberty in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood.

The hills are alive…? Mural in Brooklyn, NY

Bricktown Canal river walk in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just some peace, love and happiness in Nashville, Tennessee

I guess if you love Nashville you also have to believe in it!

And I suppose if you love Nashville you also must love donuts!Angel Wings at the Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville, Tennessee

An homage to the derby in Louisville, Kentucky

Of course if you go to the Kentucky Derby you need a mint julep to sip!

Perhaps after a few mint juleps all the buildings in Louisville may begin to look crooked! 

Lexington, Kentucky wanted to get in on the horse game too! Amazing horse country out there.

A tribute to horse and jockey in Lexington, Kentucky

Enjoy a little fair by the pier in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

A little vintage flair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A deconstructed Humpty Dumpty in Boise, Idaho

Goats can be pirates too! Mural in Boise, Idaho

A collage of color in Missoula, Montana

Remember to take a deep breath and relax! Mural in Kingston, NY

Elvis winding those hips in Tupelo, Mississippi

Maybe Elvis really liked Coca-Cola too? Mural in Tupelo, Mississippi

Hello back at you Detroit! Mural in downtown Detroit, Michigan

A little whimsy in Cincinnati, Ohio

Tribute to Henry Holtgrewe in Cincinnati, Ohio

NYC isn’t the only place with an East Village! Des Moines, Iowa has one too.

Gotta love southern red rice and beans! A reminder to eat more in New Orleans, Louisiana

They even like the Yankees in Birmingham, Alabama

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