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OK, this is not a post about one of the greatest songs ever written but it is about balloons. I recently had a revelation. I like balloons. Now, that may not sound like much of a revelation nor does it seem like something that should surprise me. But I guess I never gave balloons much thought until this past week.

Each year during our family summer vacation we decorate the house like a circus party. We get lots of streamers and balloons and other assorted festive d├ęcor and we paper the entire downstairs of the house. Usually, since I enjoy throwing a party, tend to take the lead on the decorating. This year I spent hours carefully hanging up 8 different colored streamers and no less than 40 balloons. After a bit of hyperventilation, I got it done and it looked glorious. And then 5 minutes later balloons began to peel away from the wall and I’d hear the gentle thud as inflated latex hit the floor. This went on all week. ALL WEEK! It kind of became a game as to how many times and which colors of balloons would need to be rehung. Lesson, do not go cheap when it comes to tape!

But this past week’s focus on balloon adhesion science demonstrated just how much I like balloons. I think there should always be balloons. Birthdays, graduations, retirements, births, weddings, or just a Saturday afternoon, balloons make it better. It isn’t just me who apparently has this penchant for balloon decorating. My family seems to follow suit and they also hang balloons (or if you are my sister throw them on the floor) at every celebration. We even make sure that my mother and my father whose birthdays are a week apart get their own set of unique colored balloons. There are NO balloon hand-me-downs in my family!

Several years ago I was working for a company in the Boston area with a truly awesome group of people. As we were a small office we were able to form close bonds. We’d all stop (well everyone who could) and break at the same time for lunch. We’d gather in the conference room and sit and chat about NON work things. One year I went on a long vacation and when I got back my colleagues filled my office with a welcome back gift… BALLOONS! Glorious, happy, all the colors of the rainbow balloons. The best part, we kept them there. I moved them around a bit to make room to work but otherwise we just let the balloons float around the office for weeks and weeks until they eventually popped or deflated.

Water balloons are also good. Helium balloons? YES please. Hot air balloons? Umm, definitely! Balloon art is another thing that fascinates me. How on earth do they twist and turn and manipulate these balloons to look like your grandma Betty without popping them at every turn? I bet that would be a fun class to take learning how to do balloon art. While I go research if that’s even a thing, I leave you with the immortal words of Nena…

“99 dreams I have hadIn every one, a red balloonIt’s all over, and I’m standing prettyIn this dust that was a cityIf I could find a souvenirJust to prove the world was hereAnd here is a red balloonI think of you, and let it go”

Balloons strewn about to celebrate my birthday courtesy of my sister and brother-in-law

Colleagues welcoming me back to work after vacation

PJ Masks balloons standing guard to celebrate my nephew’s birthday

A beautiful bouquet of helium birthday balloons

Some of this years vacation balloons awaiting their spot on the wall

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